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9 Reasons why you should hire a local SEO expert or agency

Looking to improve your search engine ranking and position?

So is everybody else, and while there are many important questions to answer in this decision, the most important decision might be

“why hire a local SEO expert?”.

In general, a local SEO expert or agency will have the same capabilities as the larger agencies in a smaller or more restricted package. So if you’re looking to hit every demographic across all 50 states or multiple countries, just using a single, local SEO expert might not be the best process. However, many times, local SEO is THE best option for your company to consider.

The deciding factor in this process and the biggest reason why you should hire a local SEO expert is determined by your business. Do you market locally or rely heavily on your local client base? If the answer is yes, or mostly yes, then hiring someone with local SEO experience and success is paramount to your online ranking success.

There are a number of other reasons you’d want to consider looking local as you answer that question,

“why hire a local SEO expert or agency”:



- A local SEO expert will have a lot of experience with your community/area.


- Local SEO experts know the businesses in your area. This means they know your business, your partners and potential partners, and most importantly, who your competitors are and how they SEO.


- They will know of any regulations or restrictions that apply to your area or city.


- You can meet and develop a strategy IN PERSON. You can look them in the eyes, ask for person to person meetings, and demand answers that you can’t get from national SEO agencies.


- Their references will be more likely to come from other local businesses whom you can reach out to – or may already know.


- They already know your target audience. Having worked in the same area – they know the general demographics that surround you and how to target them effectively.


- Your local SEO expert will conveniently understand local SEO! Local SEO is becoming a very specialized field, and becoming a niche in it’s own right among SEO experts. There is a constantly changing stream of knowledge on local SEO tactics and techniques that you’ll want your team or agency to understand. Find someone who knows Local SEO rather than a general or national SEO agency.


- A local SEO expert understands the culture. Perhaps this is most obvious when you market internationally, different cities, different regions, and certainly different countries have cultures that are… different. If you use a large, national SEO firm, make sure they have independent SEO experts in the various regions and cities you intend to market who understand their unique cultures and can target those audiences effectively.


- Local SEO experts tend to provider better service. They are more likely to respond quickly and with heightened service when you or other clients are right down the road, rather then 10 states away.

Most internet marketing campaigns have a need for SEO, and most SEO is in need of local SEO knowledge and experience. Consider hiring a local SEO expert or agency and you’ll see a much better understanding of your audience and a higher return on your investment.