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If it’s time you stepped up your marketing game, start by figuring out what type of agency would be the best fit for you! Answer the following questions, logging the number of the answer as you go along. Once you’re finished, count the number of times you answered each number (all 2s, mostly 3s, mostly 1s) to see which agency type might be the best fit for you.


What are your goals?

1. Brand Perception and Awareness


2. Lead, Traffic and Revenue Generation


3. Move a Very Specific Metric


4. Fill a Small Service Gap for a Specialized Skillset


What is your annual marketing budget?

1. $125,000+

2. $75,000-$124,000


3. $30,000-$74,000


4. Less than $30,000




What services do you need the most?

1. Campaign Creation and Design

2. Lead Generation, Digital Marketing Management, or Traditional Marketing Services


3. 2+ Services within any marketing landscape (SEO, Paid Search, Social Media Management,        Creative, Direct, Experiential)


4. A specific service that could be fulfilled by one person (Graphic Design, Social Media,                 Content Creation)




How many times do you change your campaigns per year?
1. 1 - 2 times

2. 3 - 4 times


3. We change things up on a monthly basis


4. We have not run marketing campaigns before


How many other creative or marketing agency partners do you work with?
1. 3+    


2. 2


3. 1

4. 0   





If you answered...

Mostly 1s: Your best fit is a Creative Agency

Mostly 2s: Your best fit is a Marketing Agency

Mostly 3s: Your best fit is a Specialized Agency

Mostly 4s: Your best fit is a Freelancer


Check out our lookbook to see how Webber Koonce Media has helped companies like yours overcome their marketing challenges through creative work. If you’re ready to talk strategy, reach out, we’re here to help!